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You get to keep your blog up and running without having to do the writing yourself.

You get fresh, new content for your audience with minimal effort on your part.

Your readers will love you even more than they already do for curating such helpful, insightful content.

And overall, you’ll be able to devote that time and energy you have to other parts of your business or blogging goals.

I want to write FOR you. I’m particularly interested in creating content about:


1. SEO and Content Marketing
2. Building your online business
3. WordPress improvement tips and tricks
4. How-to’s, Tips and Tricks to make blogging easy
5. Improving your writing to create viral-worthy posts
6. How to earn money on these projects


…And you are welcome to pitch any related topics!


Your audience will appreciate my ability to write in-depth, detailed content that’s easy to follow.


My passion for detail is what sets me apart. I will carefully research and craft each article with the utmost quality. My focus will always be on providing valuable, readable content.


My goal is to help you succeed through unique content tailored to your readership. I will never outsource my work or plagiarize anyone else’s work.


I aim to keep each blog post focused on a single topic rather than an “overview.”


What else should you know? 


I really enjoy writing content that educates or teaches a specific skill (because I’m a teacher by profession), especially if it involves finding success in the digital space.

I will write a well-research topic for you. A post should take less than a day or two to complete, depending on how much work is required to research the topic.


Please expect my completed article, to guarantee quality content, within two weeks of our collaboration.


I use Surfer SEO, Ubersuggest, SEMRush and Ahrefs for keyword research, so you can guarantee that it is valuable content. Plus, I will run it via Grammarly to ensure it’s 120% original!


The length of each article will vary from 800 – 2,000 words (approx.) and include any images or graphics that are needed.


Your voice, branding, and style will be recognizable in all posts I write for you. My writing is obviously different than yours, and we want to ensure that your readers can still relate and connect with you.


Yes! I would love that. Please contact me if you’d want to pitch your ideas.

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As a full-time blogger and teacher, I’m dedicated to helping new bloggers succeed. My goal is to empower and support them with practical tips, how-to guides, and valuable insights on their path to success.


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